Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Major Initiatives

DRPT is responsible for the oversight of all Transit, Rail, and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Planning initiatives for the Commonwealth of Virginia. DRPT conducts statewide rail and transit feasibility studies, corridor studies, environmental studies, regional and statewide studies, and advances major capital projects in collaboration with our partners at transit agencies, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), localities, and regional bodies. DRPT regularly works with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) on major studies, such as the I-66 Tier II Environmental Assessment (EA) that will advance multimodal recommendations, and Rapid Bus Service that will provide mobility options and maximize the capacity of the Managed Toll Lanes on I-66.

Major Capital Transit and Rail Projects
DRPT provides collaboration and oversight of large major capital projects such as the implementation of the Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit System in Richmond and the oversight of Virginia's annual PRIIA contributions to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Planning and Programming
In 2008, DRPT implemented the requirement that all transit agencies in Virginia that receive capital and operating assistance must have a current Transit Development Plan (TDP) that is kept current via a yearly update and a major update every six years.  DRPT utilizes the TDP to tie planning and programming together by using the fiscally constrained element of the TDP as the basis for the DRPT Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP).  The TDP information is also used as a basis for the first six-years of our $30B Long Range Statewide Transit and TDM plan, as well as forecasting the capital and operating requirements of the transit agencies through our Transit and TDM Resource Allocation Plan.  Likewise, DRPT has a robust $6B Statewide Rail Plan that serves as the basis for the Rail Resource Allocation Plan.


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