DRPT has recommended a ten-year $370 million rail improvement program along this corridor that includes a proposal for a parallel, third main line track over most of the corridor and identifies other track and signal improvements to increase railroad capacity and maximum speeds for both freight and passenger rail operations.

DRPT has been working closely with Virginia Railway Express (VRE), which operates commuter rail service on the northern half of the corridor, and with CSX, which owns the tracks and other rail property. CSX also operates freight rail service along that route. A task force of representatives from DRPT, VRE and CSX has developed priorities for the entire corridor. Several projects designed to provide additional capacity for use by freight, commuter and intercity passenger trains are included as follows:

Quantico Creek Bridge: The 1,800-foot bridge was the only remaining single-track section of the entire 110-mile Washington, DC to Richmond corridor. Having just one track created a significant bottleneck. Construction of a second two-track bridge across Quantico Creek was completed in 2007.

Corridor Improvement Program: DRPT, VRE, CSX, Amtrak and the Federal Railroad Administration identified six projects necessary to improve the capacity and reliability of passenger rail service between Richmond and Washington, DC.

  • Third Track, Virginia Ave. to 10th Street (L'Enfant Plaza in Washington, DC) Status: Complete
  • Arkendale Crossover ( Stafford County)
    Status: Complete
  • Third Track, SRO-RO ( Arlington County)
    Status: Complete
  • Third Track, Franconia Hill ( AF-Ravensworth-Fairfax County)
    Status: Complete
  • Third Track, FB to XR ( Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania County)
    Status: Complete
  • Elmont Crossover ( Hanover County)
    Status: Complete

Additional projects to improve freight and passenger rail service along the I-95 corridor have been outlined in the 2008 Statewide Rail Plan and the 2008 Statewide Resource Allocation Plan.


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