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Rail Crossing Locator

The Federal Railroad Administration has developed a useful application for your smartphone to find out more information about railroad grade crossings in your area. The Rail Crossing Locator displays every grade crossing in the U.S. and contains useful information, such as accident reports and details about the trains that use the crossing.  To download the app, click HERE

Please note that while DRPT supports projects to improve grade crossing safety in Virginia, complaints about blocked or unsafe grade crossings must be made to the Virginia State Corporation Commission, Division of Utility and Railroad Safety.  They can be contacted at 804-371-9947 or

DRPT Rail Database

DRPT's first unified database contains attributes such as rail lines, passenger stations, switches, yards and crossings, among others.

DRPT Rail Database

Statewide Rail Studies

Intercity Passenger Rail Station Policy Guide

Virginia State Rail Plan

Virginia Rail Map

2013 Virginia Statewide Rail Plan and Resource Allocation Plan

Richmond to Hampton Roads Passenger Rail

2017 Review of the Costs and Funding Sources for a Potential Richmond to Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Study

2012 Richmond to Hampton Roads Passenger Rail Tier I Final Environmental Impact Statement

Southeast High Speed Rail

2012 Southeast High Speed Rail Recommendation Report - Tier II Richmond to Raleigh

2010 Southeast High Speed Rail Recommendation Report - Tier I Washington, DC to Charlotte

Crescent Corridor (I-81)

Lynchburg to Roanoke Passenger Rail Extension Capacity Study

2010 Roanoke Amtrak Connector Study

2010 Feasibility Plan for Maximum Truck to Rail Diversion in Virginia's I-81 Corridor

Legislative Reports and Other Reports

2018 Annual Report on the Uses of the Intercity Passenger Rail Operating and Capital Fund

2016 Bedford, VA Intercity Passenger Rail Service Study

2016 The Virginia Railway Express 2040 System Plan Review Report

2011 Report on the Progress in Implementing Rail Improvements to the Fredericksburg Rail Yard to Reduce Dwell Times of Hazardous Material Shipments

2010 Funding Strategies for State Sponsored Intercity and High Speed Passenger Rail, Senate Document No. 63

Partner Reports

2035 Virginia Surface Transportation Plan VTrans 2035


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