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COVID-19 recovery Toolkit, Strategies Handbook and Statewide Marketing Campaign

In the fall of 2020, FTA issued a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the COVID-19 Research Demonstration Grant. The purpose of this grant was to support strategies to develop, deploy, and demonstrate innovative solutions to improve the operational efficiency of transit agencies throughout a public health emergency.

DRPT successfully applied for this FTA funding to support the creation of a comprehensive COVID relief toolkit. This project will consist of two parts. First, a statewide marketing campaign will be released in Summer 2021. This marketing campaign will consist of a unified message to most appropriately attract riders back to Virginia systems, reiterating the presence of new safety measures and providing explanation on why public transportation is a safe and viable option. This messaging will be welcoming and optimistic as the pandemic subsides and vaccinations are distributed. Second, the strategies handbook will be released in September 2021 and will provide necessary information on tactics to mitigate risk. The handbook will touch on topics including tailoring operations, limiting vehicle capacities, heightening sanitation efforts, and determining public transit’s function amidst a public health crisis.  This handbook will be user-friendly, accessible, and available to the public; however, the target audience will be transit providers.

For more information on this project or to see how your agency can get involved, please contact the DRPT staff listed below:

Strategies Handbook:                                                Statewide Marketing Campaign:

Lauren Fishbein                                                            Miriam Foster
Statewide Program Manager                                       Commuter Programs, Communications Specialist                                   

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