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Transportation Navigator is Virginia’s most thorough directory of public transit, human service, and specialized transportation providers, programs, and services.

Use the tool below to search for transportation services in the Commonwealth. Services can be narrowed down by type and/or location.



An interactive map of fixed-route transit services is provided below 


About the Project

The Virginia Transportation Navigator is a comprehensive database of transit provider information. The data is made available to the public through the Virginia Transportation Finder and the VirginiaNavigator family of websites.

This system was made possible through a partnership with VirginiaNavigator and funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Mobility for All discretionary program and the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s Innovation and Technology Transportation Fund.

About VirginiaNavigator

VirginiaNavigator is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides free information about health, aging, disability and post-military resources available to Virginians. The information focuses on issues such as health, financial concerns, legal questions, health facilities, housing options, transportation, exercise programs, advocacy, and more.

About GTFS

The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is a data specification that allows public transportation agencies to publish their transit data in a format that can be used by a wide variety of applications. The data specification contains components that include schedule, fare, and geographic transit information. DRPT makes statewide GTFS data available through the Virginia GTFS clearinghouse and through the statewide interactive transit map.

About the Virginia Transportation Finder Widget

The free Virginia Transportation Finder widget can be placed on any website -- hosted by a state agency, transportation provider, nonprofit, community partner, business, or other organization -- that wants to help connect citizens to transportation providers in the Commonwealth. If your organization wants to house the widget on its site, please contact

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