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04.10 WWD Capital Beltway

I-495 Southside Transit and TDM Study

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge is one of seven highway facility crossings over the Potomac River within the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

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Transit Tech Innovation

Transit Technology and Innovation

DRPT’s Statewide Integrated Mobility Initiative assists the department and its partners in navigating the rapidly changing shared mobility landscape.

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Metro Bus

Virginia Transportation and Mobility Directory

DRPT is developing and implementing a stage two one-click system for public, human service, and specialized transportation; mobility management; travel training; and transportation-supportive programs and services.

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Coordinated Human Services Mobility

Coordinated Human Services Mobility Plan

DRPT’s goal in developing the Coordinated Human Service Mobility Plan is to enhance access to and the efficiency of transportation for people with disabilities, older adults, low-income individuals, and veterans.

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Commonwealth Railroad

Transforming Freight in Virginia

The Transforming Freight in Virginia initiative maximizes the capacity and efficiency of Virginia’s transportation network.

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